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DS46V-DS - Outdoor Double-Sided LCD Display

DS46V-DS - 46'' Outdoor Double-Sided LCD Display. It is for full outdoor use, can work in any harsh environment. Its protection grade reaches IP65, waterproof and dustproof. Built-in Air Conditioner for cooling and heating, this kind of LCD Display can keep normal operation in the environment of -40 to +55 ℃. iBT owns LED backlight technology. By adopting LED backlight, the brightness of each screen is up to 1500 cd/㎡, which ensures LCD readability under direct sunlight. Touch screen is also an option for this model.

Installed in the downtown, outdoor double-sided lcd display brings people great visual and audio impact. People around the downtown have good and deep impression on this double-sided LCD. iBT made an investigation, When people were asked whether they remembered the advertisement displayed on double-sided LCD after they left the downtown half an hour, 80% of them answered "Yes" and correctly said out the brand and product of the advertisement, and many of them went from one side to the other side to have a look. One middle-aged house wife said: "It adds some joy to my boring life of buying food and cooking for my families."

Besides downtown, this outdoor double-sided lcd display also can be installed in subway station, railway station, gas station, airport, bus stop, shopping mall, schools, restaurants, etc. They allow business owners, small and large, to take their message to the people, instead of relying on the consumer coming to them.

Screen Size 46"
Aspect Ratio 9:16
Resolution 1080x1920 or 768x1366
Brightness 1500cd/m2
Contrast Ratio 3000:01:00
Viewing Angle 178°/178°
Display Area 572.544 x 1018.353 mm (H x W)
Video Interface VGA HDMI
Audio Interface AUDIO IN
Power Consumption
(AC starting)
Weight >> 106kg
Brightness Control automatic optical sensor systems
Operating Temperature Video: R.G.B Analog 0.7V Peak-to-Peak
Operating Humidity -40°C to +55°C
Protection Grade IP65
Glass 6mm laminated with anti-reflective safety glass
AC Integrated heater and air conditioner
Installation Method Kiosk, floor standing

Order Information
DS46V-DSLCD-IA Tower with double sided screen
DS46V-DSLCD-SSTS-IA Tower with double sided screen, One side TouchScreen
DS46V-DSLCD-DSTS-IA Tower with double sided screen, Double side TouchScreen

IA= Dual Intel Atom dual core System (basic system)
I5= Dual Intel I5 System (Availlable)
TS=Touch screen
CM=Dual 1.3 Megapixel Camera
RA=Remote Control and Access using 3g
WF=Remote Control, Remote Access and Wifi HotSpot

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